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sourcing tool.

Success is a matter of recruitment.’s data-driven intelligence helps you find the right developers. 

Every day our algorithm gets to know you and your requirements a bit better. brings

speed, quality, transparency

to recruitment.

Easy teamwork

Work together with your team, get feedback from your software department and score with speed.

Relevant matches

Get to know developers that suit you and see what’s important right away.

More time

Active sourcing is past. Meet developers in no time and hire as many as you like.


More than easy. And quick.


Create a job

Within 3 minutes you can create a job by answering a few questions about the task and basic conditions.


Accept a match

As soon as the algorithm has calculated matching developers, you’ll get an e-mail. You decide about the suitability with one click.


Hire successfully

During the application process you can compare notes about your expectations and find out that you’re a match.


Our Pricing

Success based model


of annual gross salary

Invite team members

Free job ads

Group chat

Unlimited jobs

Payment only in the event of successful hire

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Flexible subscription



for 12 months contract duration



for 6 months contract duration



for 3 months contract duration

Invite team members

Free job ads

Group chat

Unlimited jobs

Flatrate - Unlimited hires

24h email support

24h phone & video support









Data-driven intelligence adds value to recruiting. Suggestions are calculated based on complex data structures, considering benchmarks and trends.

Nils Czernig

Founder awork is a cool platform to connect with developers in a modern way and it helps us to find the right candidates for our job openings.

Martina Paltenghi

Head of HR codeblick

matched accelerates our recruiting process and connects us with developers we would normally spend a lot of time looking for. The tool gives us the space to grow quickly and helps us find hidden talents.

Olga Serafin


With, IT recruiting becomes more efficient as communication with candidates starts when they have an interest in the company in addition to the right skills set.

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