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  • A team can decline a person on multiple jobs at the same time

  • A developer can exclude a company from matching in order to no longer receive existing and future matches with this company


  • A team can create a scheduled or a live video meeting in chat

  • When a new calendar invitation is sent, the person is notified via email

  • When a new video meeting is sent, the person will be notified via email

  • Bug fixed: All team member profile pictures are loaded

  • Bug fixed: In the tab "Pending" the sent message is displayed

  • Improved design of the chat

Dev Track

  • All participants can add the Dev Track to their calendar


  • Start of a public changelog

  • Launch of a public feedback wall View



  • Refactoring of the global chat

  • Messages are sorted between active, pending and archived chat

  • Layout design has been improved for desktop, tablet and mobile

  • Message design has been improved

  • System message design has been improved

  • All participants are displayed in the chat

  • The profile picture of the user is displayed for each message

  • The job can be opened in the chat

  • The profile can be opened in the chat

  • Teams can send calendar invitations

  • Teams can filter messages by job​

Start of our public changelog | 05-10-22