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Developer's High

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Immersing in work, losing track of time, effortlessly reaching the goal: That’s the Developer’s High - a state of euphoria whilst developing. Including pure happiness. 

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More than a developer.

I am the exception. The norm. The statutory woman. The variety. The role model. The future. The techie. I made it. I am a developer.

Become a developer
No matter who you are or what you know. If you develop, you are a developer.
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How to find your developer's high.

Don’t get distracted

Free yourself from negative thoughts

step 3

Work during your biological peak time

#protipp: stay hydrated

Focus on your task

Have a clear result or goal in mind

Stack work life balance

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Numerous studies show the positive effect of bodily fitness on mental health.


For example, scientists at Harvard University found that people who exercise more than 3 times per week are 34% less likely to develop dementia. So go outside. Get moving and stay healthy.


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