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The integration of Personio into the company profile - a step by step explanation

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Good news! 🚀 matched.io now offers the possibility to integrate jobs from Personio into matched.io, and to include successful matches from matched.io in Personio.

This is very quick and easy, the integration is set up within a few minutes.

You need both a company account at Personio and an activated account at matched.io.

1. Activating the app

First, you need to activate the API. To do this, navigate from your matched.io profile in the sidebar to the settings.

Under the "Apps and Integrations" tab you will find Personio. Click on "Add".

A popup will open.

Enter the URL of your Personio company page here.

You will then be shown the link to Personio. Open this link, copy your credentials (Company ID and Recruiting API access token, optionally, a channel ID can be specified as well) and enter them into the corresponding fields.

Confirm with a click on "Done".

Done! Personio is now connected to your matched.io company account! 🥳

2. Import a job from Personio

Navigate to the "+Job ad" button at the top of the screen.

Select "Import job" at the bottom of the opened window.

Please note: For this, Personio must have been activated in the settings (see 1.).

Now a list opens with all active jobs that are available on your Personio profile.

Please note: If the job is only saved as a draft, it will not appear in this list. If you want to import it, make sure that it is published on Personio.

Now you can fill in all the missing information and create the job on matched.io.

If you need help with this, feel free to check out our How-To explaining how to create a job.

If you have followed all these steps, you can now start searching for developers at matched.io.

3. Export candidates and integrate them in matched.io

Developers with whom you have a successful match are automatically exported as applicants to Personio, and you will find this person in the "Applications" tab of the respective job. This way you can continue to work fluently and review the candidates directly in Personio.

If you want to add a candidate manually to your Personio file, you can export any candidate in your matches under the "Successful Matches" tab by selecting "Personio Export" on the matchcard.

We wish you a successful matching! 🚀

Any questions?

Feel free to check out the other tutorials or our FAQ!

Feel free to leave feedback at feedback@matched.io and let us know how helpful you find the tutorials!

Your matched.io Team