Start at 1% per week.

The sooner you hire developers, the less you pay. Because solidarity is a matter of recruitment:
 with the 1% campaign offers startups a pricing model based on success. No risk. No obligations.

with the 1% Campaign


No more endless looking for developers. Meet them within seconds and hire enough for your office to burst at the seams.

User Managment

You live for performance and scalability. Transfer this into recruitment. Work together as a team, assign tasks to each other and pitch your vision to developers even faster.

Talk to developers now, tomorrow or over the weekend.


One click to decide whether it’s a good fit or not.


Chat with developers. Get feedback about your product and expand your network.

Public job post

No resources for employer branding? Create your profile within 3 minutes, share your jobs and boost your visibility.

Success based model

You got a match? Now you have to be fast, with every passing week the fee increases up to 12%. No risk. No obligations.


*Start at 1%. With each week, the price increases by 1% - up to a maximum of 12% of the annual gross salary.

End of the campaign: 31.12.2020. 

Payment only in case of successful hire

Unlimited jobs

Group chat

per week per hire*

Free job ads

Invite team members

1% Campaign



Hiring developers
made easy.


Create job

Create a job within 3 minutes.


Share job

Use as employer branding channel and share your job posts.


View matches

We’ll match you with suitable developers in seconds.



Decide with one click if it fits and start the exchange.


Successful hiring

Hiring simply and quickly.


Get feedback

View the jobs’ statistics.

News. Updates. And more.

For Developers



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